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Square vs Sumup

Square finally meets a real challenger. Sumup’s fees are the same, but reliability, convenience and features matter.


Card processing

What is a merchant account? And do you really need one?

It’s easy, right? You’re opening a new business, and you need to get everything set up financially, including credit card payment capabilities. Since banks are always anxious to get new customers, you’ll [...]

How to choose a merchant account? 10 things to look for

If you’re making decisions about how to take credit card payments for your new business, congratulations! Few things are as exciting as watching a new business take its first baby steps, and a card reader [...]

What is the EMV liability shift?

Shaken by Target’s massive data breach, the US hurried to catch up with the world in credit card fraud prevention. Introduction of chip technology means American businesses had to upgrade terminals by October 2015. But many are [...]


  • PayPal Here credit card reader with app on an iPhone

PayPal Here review – What’s the draw?

Our rating If you are already using PayPal for payments online, and are happy with the experience, PayPal Here is an easy way to branch out to face-to-face payments. Highs [...]

  • SumUp card reader with app on iPhone

SumUp credit card reader – Has Square finally met its match?

Our rating Card reader for EMV chip cards, contactless and magstripe cards with a flat rate at 2.75%. For small businesses, entrepreneurs and sole proprietors wanting the ability to accept payments by card in person, SumUp [...]

  • Square stand with square EMV card reader on a counter

Square review – feature rich Point of Sale with card payments

Our rating Extremely easy to set up and use, Square offers a simple and convenient way to accept card payments with almost no upfront investment. For small and growing businesses, Square is also an efficient [...]

  • Woman using smartphone for payment

Flint Review: mobile payments without a card reader

UPDATE: 20/02/2017 Flint has been discontinued. From our reports, Flint shut down its processing in early February 2017. Customers are referred to Stripe, at a higher rate than what was charged by Flint. Consider [...]

T-Mobile’s Mobile Money review

UPDATE: T-Mobile shut down Mobile Money 27 July 2016. While T-Mobile never revealed any customer data, it did not seem to generate a lot of enthusiasm and traction with customers. The company said in a [...]

Amazon Local Register review – low rates, early-adopter problems

Our rating Update: Amazon Register shut down in February 2016. Although Amazons rates are not matched by Square and PayPal, the features and reliability are making them better choices for [...]

Square alternatives

Top five Square alternatives

Square’s idea was a stroke of genius in its simplicity: use your smartphone or tablet to take credit and debit card payments. It is still loved by many, but for those who hesitate there are alternatives.

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Mobile payments

Best apps to take payments with your iPhone

When the iPhone was first introduced ten years ago, few thought it would stimulate growth for small businesses. But this is exactly what is happening. As more and more customers are ignoring cash in favor of credit cards, small cash [...]

How can I accept Apple Pay?

Small businesses are forever at the mercy of large corporations when it comes to customer expectations. When the large corporations move into a certain payment method or product offering, many small businesses suffer if they [...]

  • Square card reader on iPad

Top five Square alternatives in 2017

Square’s idea was a stroke of genius in its simplicity: use your smartphone or tablet to take credit and debit card payments. But in the US, consumers looking for mobile credit card processing solutions [...]